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Message Subject Bono, Richard Branson, Olivia Wilde, Matt Damon's Strike - Attack Conspiracy Theories - illuminati
Poster Handle The Norwalk Avenger
Post Content

Calling them disgusting is a bit much, to begin with. Secondly, it is part of a skit from a cable series. It is a joke, an actual joke. You know, humor.

Let us step back a minute and assume you are on to something. What conspiracy theories are they attacking by mocking conspiracy theorist (if that is what you call people like yourself)?

Better still, what conspiracies do you hold dear (believe in)? What REAL evidence (tested, and tested, and tested) do you have to support said theories?

I am not just being a dick, asshole, jerk, etc, I truly want to know.
 Quoting: luridanimus

I mentioned this is another post before reading this, I will use the same answer for you. The Georgia Guidestones, for starters. I believe they are a calling card of the new world order. Can you find any other use for them? Can you explain away their existence or how much it had to have cost to erect the monument or how much secrecy surrounds it. Please prove to me that it does NOT advocate the reduction in the number of humans alive today, and that it does NOT advocate an abandonment of traditional values for more 'progressive' ones.

So, I hope this satisfies your criteria for an empirically provable fact. I don't have the money to travel there myself but even without that experience, I believe it exists, because all the people that talk about it are not all liars.

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