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Message Subject If the Illuminati do not like the sheep then why do they employ a police state to protect them?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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When watching the second video embedded in the original post, keep in mind: XENOBIOLOGICAL WARFARE, or the alien intrusion through decomposition/ birth - DNA & Prometheus. Also keep in mind Red Cross and vampirism and the technological possession grid being implemented today.

Contrast against the rise in synthetic drugs like Spice, and the advent of Meth, Krocodile, and Greece's new street drug when thinking pf possession and your insides being absorbed through disease, as even cancer is a willing choice to work and buy the products that allow the manifestations to occur.
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...emulate Hollywood baby!
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[link to i.telegraph.co.uk]

Blood and tracking is essential when monitoring the livestock. Technology is a tool to assist in the harvesting of the Branded. A gradual swallowing if you will, by the matrix environment that you hang onto.
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instructions are as follows:
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