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Message Subject If the Illuminati do not like the sheep then why do they employ a police state to protect them?
Poster Handle VarianceX77
Post Content
Remember that Rockefeller guy saying that to Aaron Russo? If you look at their outcomes, their religion, their contradictions, and the patterns and personalities you can understand what this is? --- A farm. They allowed the population to swell to do Enochian and alchemical magic off of your beliefs. Now they will do a mass sacrifice to bring in a new age. Zombies and vampires live in a symbiotic relationship. Do not choose to be on either side. Do not choose from their choices.

No dude, why DO YOU CARE what happens to them?
Chickens love their farmers, and the house ^(&^^ love their plantation owners. The sheep need a story to follow, something to give them meaning, purpose -- within this illusion of energy fields. While the vampires need their blood, time, and energy.

Red Cross, [link to www.whale.to] genetic labs, and vampirism

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28848096

It's a symbiotic relationship.

Possibly parasitic, but God put them into power for his purposes and I respect that.
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