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Message Subject Amanda Bynes psyop: Is she being "punished" by the Illuminati???
Poster Handle The Little Troll That Could
Post Content
You are all seeing a girl having her life destroyed by marijuana. And yet, all you pot-heads on here will continue to fight in favour of it.


It isn't such a harmless plant after all is it, GLP bong suckers?!

 Quoting: The Little Troll That Could 40731456

what a crock of shit oh non smoker here btw and I for one would rather be in a room full of sedated pot heads than violent aggressive drunks where you getting your facts from sheep
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40735026

Non-smoker, eh?

Oh, so you're one of those who only "vaporize", right?

You probably don't smoke cigs either, but are sucking on an e-cig right now, eh?

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