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Message Subject Amanda Bynes psyop: Is she being "punished" by the Illuminati???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I found this on some forum, I think this person might be right:

I would bet my life that she's schizophrenic, assuming this isn't a stunt (which it seems more and more not to be). I have a family friend who has schizophrenia, and, as much as all the people whine about making armchair diagnoses, Amanda is increasingly fitting the bill for schizophrenia. Go ahead and chastise me for believing what's so clearly in front of your face.

These are all symptoms which she appears to exhibit, based on the NIMH (
[link to www.nimh.nih.gov]

1) Delusions. She claims to have a music and fashion career in the works, but she's the only one whose made those claims and nobody has corroborated any of it. Besides that, how can she be working on music or anything else when she's on twitter 24/7 calling everybody ugly and babbling absolute nonsense? She moved to New York where she knows nobody, and stated she does not speak to her family. She doesn't appear to have any friends, either, so she's possibly isolated herself. She's going to be a rapper? She's doing fashion? For one, record labels aren't going to give her the time of day, and I highly doubt she's being embraced by the NYC fashion world. There's been no evidence in the first place that she's been working on music or anything else. She's the only person whose declared it, and so far there's been no output of anything for over a year (except for twitter rants).

2) Thought disorders. She can't seem to articulate a sentence aside from calling anyone who questions her "ugly". She sounds like a thirteen year old the way she speaks. Smoking pot in a lobby? Throwing a bong out the window? Lying to the police and claiming she was sexually harassed? Not rational though processes.

3) Hallucinations. Her parents claimed she's been hearing voices for some time now and refused to seek help, and she's been seen talking to herself in public and was talking to herself in the sound box of the courtroom. She's also always got her headphones in, which is something that schizophrenics will do to try and drown out the voices. My aforementioned family friend did this, and also would listen to static white noise and claimed to hear voices coming from that as well. Also notice how when she calls everyone ugly, she refers to her and "her friends" it's anyone's guess as to who these "friends" are. As far as anyone can tell, she spends all of her time alone in her bathroom taking pictures of herself or ranting on twitter. She doesn't appear to have any friends. She hasn't been photographed once with anyone in New York aside from policemen who were handcuffing her. Her parents also said she had no friends or family in New York, so they were puzzled why she moved there. I think it's pretty safe to assume these "friends" she's referring to don't actually exist.

4) Movement disorders. When you look at the "sour patch" video of her, her eyes disturbingly flutter and she talks to herself, and her face seems to twitch and jitter around, almost like nervous ticks or something. She also stares into the mirror and nods at herself.

Honestly guys, it looks like she could very possibly be schizophrenic. It typically manifests in women in their late 20s or early 30s. She's 27. As much as people don't want to believe it, I think the writing's on the wall
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