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Message Subject Amanda Bynes psyop: Is she being "punished" by the Illuminati???
Poster Handle anti gov. ANTI FAME
Post Content
some people cant handle the truth and i really feel sorry for them for believing so much in the fucked up government and these sick,twister ,sorry disgusting child molesters in the white house and all them piece of shit disney producers the elite mf's that are doing this to these poor children,,,,if u can find me 1 child hood actor that wasnt invalved in mk ultra ill kiss ur ass ... but the point is u wont because they are all slaves to these sick S.O.B'S....IF THEY WOUDL HAVE READ THE FINE PRINT THE THEY WOULD HAVE KNOWN THEY WERE SELLING THEIR SOUL 2 THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FOOD 4 THOUGHT ............
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