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Message Subject Legalizing Pot: The Illuminati's Worst Nightmare
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The reason for the war on drugs is manifold, first it allows the CIA and military to import and sell drugs at a huge profit(as in Iran Contra), second it destroys the cities, kills huge numbers of mostly blacks and Latinos. Thirdly, it makes necessary a huge increase in police and prisons. And it sends a message to people that the government and medical establishment control drugs. Thousands of people die from pharmaceutical drugs when street drugs would be less lethal. TPTB take a keen pleasure in passing laws against victimless crimes. Laws against underage sex, prostitution, drugs catch millions in the criminal justice net. Lives are ruined. The cost to society in incarceration alone is enormous, if you consider that %50 of prison cells are taken up by drug convicts. Of course, when these "criminals" are let out they have a huge grudge against society, and the education in crime they got in prison allows them to evade the law and commit more serious crime. Does anyone wonder why our society is so violent? If you beat a dog, you can make him vicious, and people are no different. Will things change? Our hope is that people are essentially good especially in childhood. Even with the evil PTB in control, humanities essential goodness is hard to defeat. Even in Communist countries with great repression, essential human kindness can only be stifled, not destroyed.
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That is a good thing, dont it?
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