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Message Subject Legalizing Pot: The Illuminati's Worst Nightmare
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The reason for the war on drugs is manifold, first it allows the CIA and military to import and sell drugs at a huge profit(as in Iran Contra), second it destroys the cities, kills huge numbers of mostly blacks and Latinos. Thirdly, it makes necessary a huge increase in police and prisons. And it sends a message to people that the government and medical establishment control drugs. Thousands of people die from pharmaceutical drugs when street drugs would be less lethal. TPTB take a keen pleasure in passing laws against victimless crimes. Laws against underage sex, prostitution, drugs catch millions in the criminal justice net. Lives are ruined. The cost to society in incarceration alone is enormous, if you consider that %50 of prison cells are taken up by drug convicts. Of course, when these "criminals" are let out they have a huge grudge against society, and the education in crime they got in prison allows them to evade the law and commit more serious crime. Does anyone wonder why our society is so violent? If you beat a dog, you can make him vicious, and people are no different. Will things change? Our hope is that people are essentially good especially in childhood. Even with the evil PTB in control, humanities essential goodness is hard to defeat. Even in Communist countries with great repression, essential human kindness can only be stifled, not destroyed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39422146

Whether the "Illuminati" exist is an open question. We KNOW there is a ruling elite. This elite is not interested in our welfare, but because their rule is based upon secrecy, they go to great lengths to patronize us. We have "bread and circuses", a labyrinthine legal system and byzantine government to hide their ownership of the world. When public opinion goes over 50% as in legalizing pot, suddenly politicians take note. What the elites fear is true revolution, where the elites are slaughtered, and they will give the public a lot of what the public wants, as long as the status of the elite is not upset. So why not make pot legal? I defy the OP to tell us how the Elite will suffer?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39422146

worst nightmare?
it's a blessing for them.
stoners are to fat and lazy to fight them.
if they can't make people zombies on prozac,
they can make people zombies on pot.

don't think you are some kind of revolutionary because you smoke pot. the boomers smoked tons of it in the 60's and now we have a facist for a president. the only people who voted for that obamanation were stoners, young and old. they fell right into the hands of the NWO and were too stoned to realize it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39965836


Here's why it's their nightmare.

YOU CANNOT JUSTIFY A WAR ON DRUGS WITHOUT CANNABIS PROHIBITION! Period! MJ makes up the vast majority of arrests, convictions etc. So without it, you have to end the war on drugs.

End the war on drugs, poof there goes the hundred billion on law enforcement a year.

Poof, the prison industrial complex evaporates OVER NIGHT.

Poof, without the war on drugs, there goes the massively lucrative seizure rampage that law enforcement nation wide is engaging in. They've KILLED PEOPLE to attempt to seize land that the owner wouldn't sell.

Poof, there goes the unlimited and unquestioning power of destroying peoples civil liberties during every single car stop. "OH WE CAN SMELL MARIJUANA, WERE GONNA HAVE TO PROBE YOUR RECTUM, RUB YOUR CLIT, AND THROW YOU IN JAIL FOR THIS TWIG UNDER YOUR SEAT. DUR DUR MURICA"

Suddenly people take a puff, stop for a minute, relax, and think to themselves "What the flying fuck is going on in the world???"

The problem with stoners is that they think, they question shit, they don't just buy the bullshit fake dream of slaving away their life, for the carrot at the end of the stick in the form of money to buy material trash.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40566946

All of this^


We have a WINNER!!!
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