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Message Subject Legalizing Pot: The Illuminati's Worst Nightmare
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Most people, including the Cannabis smokers, are mostly unaware of the rather amazing fact, only one man, the notorious Mr. Anslinger ---- determined there was a drug "marihuana" which only he claimed was the most dangerous drug in America. This bold-faced lie was then used as a pretext to ban by association, plus the onerous transfer tax regulations, all Hemp family plants.

Quite an interesting bit of history--- plus the detrimental effects of the drug war on minorities, by policy intent and any one else who can be squeezed by the law. Another multi-billion dollar racket for the goons in charge of American law policy to rub peoples noses in like bad dogs. All of it based on a purposeful lie. Unless, you believe "marihuana" which means in English, "Good Feeling" per Anslinger himself--is an actual drug.

Yeah, they banned a non-existent drug "Good Feeling" which Anslinger claimed made people into homicidal maniacs. The truth is stranger than fiction. I found no evidence by my research that this dangerous drug named "Good Feeling" aka Mexican slang marihuana, now spelled marijuana--- was ever presented before Congress as an actual substance. There is no such thing as named. And the legal implications are quite interesting as well.

[link to megatronicsmedia.wordpress.com]
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