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Message Subject UK: Muslim punches woman in the face at EDL rally (Video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have a big problem with multi-culturalism because that never happens.. They come with their intolerant clitoral mutilating extremist religions to a nation that is WAY TOO tolerant and cannot move fast enough to give these people frree housing and medicare.. So immediately they start breeding getting a cheque for every kid they can spit out while they quietly swell in ranks.. before you know it they vot their own into positions of power, immigration, civil service and the police.. If anyone says anything they scream racism, yet the never hesitate to force their extremist ideologies on anyone else the moment they get power.

But here is the real bullshit - there not here to 'integrate' into anything and they never accept British culture.. They come to overpopulate and convert the British.. and their succeeding very well..

Now their flexing their muscles, killing the odd soldier, raping some of the infidel's daughters and punching out an EDL activist..

And it's going to continue.. until the British people LEARN to take action lobby their government at the threat of lost positions to STOP giving welfare rides to immigrants.. The river of free loaders who come here and laugh at you guys would dry up over night..

Ideological mixing is disaster.. The government needs to harden it's stance against cultural impregnation of extremist ideologies, and their doing *nothing*
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