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IRS Directed to Lock Down All Agency Data

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05/31/2013 01:53 PM

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IRS Directed to Lock Down All Agency Data
"The Internal Revenue Service is in the process of locking down all computer data across the agency, a sign that investigations into the scandal-plagued agency may be taking a broader sweep than initially anticipated.

Agency employees last Thursday received an e-mail alerting them, ”This is a late breaking top priority and things could change in the future,” according to an IRS employee who asked not to be named.

Employees were directed not to “wipe, re-image or otherwise destroy any hard drives” on any machine currently in use or in stock. During this time, the IRS will not discard any laptop and desktop computers that are replaced, and it is ”working on securing a location” where they will be kept, according to the e-mail."

[link to www.nationalreview.com]

Apparently this happened a few days ago? Am I the only one who missed it?
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