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Message Subject FreeMasons - truth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1- Basis of Masonry is Kabbalah:
The goal is unWisdom or 'Adam Qadmon' - the empty vessel sailing upon a silent sea. "The end shall be as the beginning" saith the neophyte to his master.

2- Evil & good are two sides of the same coin.
3- Godhead by it's nature cannot be known, ever. IHVH is merely a formula for structure in formless, void space
Lucifer is one part of that formula - IHI AVR
4- Christ (Meshiach) is the formula for achieving Adam Qadmon
5- New Jerusalem is another name for Zion, which is another name for planet Earth under rulership of the 'enlightened' (sigh!) & is actually the return to formless, void, darkness.
6- Royal Secret is understanding of the transmutation of opposites into truth - Truth sits at many tables.
7- Getting to the celestial lodge sounds very ghey apart from being apparently meaningless.
8- The arriving of spirits from Sirius to the Earth is just something minoritarian, not general belief... & absolutely meaningless (err what?)

9- do not accept any limits beyond those of nature or common morality.
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