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Message Subject FreeMasons - truth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
lets get factual. Can informed participants confirm this?

1- Basis of Masonry is Gnostics and Theosophy:
The creator was Wisdom or Adam Kamon

2- Evil & good are at the same level
3- Godhead is unknown. IHVH is a lesser bad god for humanity;
Lucifer is another lesser god but good for humanity
4- Christ was a tool of the Godhead, not of IHVH
5- New Jersulamen is a world under the some political and spiritual Lider
6- Royal secret is ability to kill and defence of Evil
7- Getting to the celestial lodge in practice means that important men keepliving in the mind of humanity
8- The arriving of spirits from Sirius to the Earth is just something minoritarian, not general belief

9- do not accept limits, free from idea of sin, like gods are
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40702571

might as well cut the propriety and cut right to the quick of things, whatsay?

most don't know what they are supporting in the long haul, this is true

yet they are doing so, and that's a fact

and yes, it applies

what those of the lower eschelon are in truth to those dark minions at the top slinking around behind the curtain

is a "beard" and little more

I do hope we're clear
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