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Message Subject FreeMasons - truth
Poster Handle K.Kool
Post Content
lets get factual. Can informed participants confirm this?

1- Basis of Masonry is Gnostics and Theosophy:
The creator was Wisdom or Adam Kamon

2- Evil & good are at the same level
3- Godhead is unknown. IHVH is a lesser bad god for humanity;
Lucifer is another lesser god but good for humanity
4- Christ was a tool of the Godhead, not of IHVH
5- New Jersulamen is a world under the some political and spiritual Lider
6- Royal secret is ability to kill and defence of Evil
7- Getting to the celestial lodge in practice means that important men keepliving in the mind of humanity
8- The arriving of spirits from Sirius to the Earth is just something minoritarian, not general belief

9- do not accept limits, free from idea of sin, like gods are
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40702571

Longtime Mason here. Also Companion of the HRA and SPRS (32*).

1. No. The basis of Masonry is using stoneworking tools "the working tools" as a means of symbolizing how we should plan our days and live our lives as we strive to make our lives worth while to our families and communities.

2. No. Evil, per se, has no place in Masonry. Although, we often say "we all hang our own plumb lines" (meaning that people's morals may not be identical).

3. God is whichever "god" you worship. You should have all the faith in the world for that god. For myself and every other Mason I know, that god is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. All Masonic allegories revolve around stories of this God and the Bible.

4. Christ is whatever you think he is. Religion is not a part of Masonry. There is no religious instruction in Masonry. To illustrate concepts, stories and allegories related to the Bible are used but that's because at the time the allegories were made, knowledge of the Bible was almost universal among educated people. They were already familiar with the stories.

5. Not a part of Masonry.

6. Not even close.

7. That's one meaning. But it's more commonly used like saying someone went to "a better place" or "that big roller Derby in the sky" or whatever heaven can colloquially be called.

8. Not a part of Masonry.

9. That goes directly AGAINST the symbols of the compass and square. So that's definitely not right.

Hope this helped.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1746456

And what do you say about the charge of the end justifying the means?
 Quoting: K.Kool

In general, don't you think it's up to each individual whether or not a predicted "end" can justify a given "means" or method?

Maybe I don't understand your question.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1746456

Of course morality is up to each individual, we cannot force it on anyone.

Now I'm concerned you believe moral ethics to be purely relative, and not based on objective reason?
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