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Message Subject FreeMasons - truth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Free-masons(who are not free)
grew out of the Illuminati, which was started by a Jesuit

The Jesuits, The Masons
and other Occult Lucifer worshipers

all have the eye in the triangle as their symbol
(The same one on the American One dollar bill)
Its on the Jesuit Buildings its on the Freemasons shiner Aprons and its in many Occult Books

Someone early was saying that the Catholic Church hasn't been Right since 1954 or so, this is also a deception it has never been right, its always had the appearance of evil

because it is evil, It originally thought to mix paganism with Christianity, One teaches Works and payments, whilst the other teaches That Christ Paid it All if you join those two together you are left with confusion.

*It did persecute Christs Saints for 1260 Years
*It does sit on 7 Hills and in many waters
*It is THE power which thought to change THE times and laws
*It is the power which deleted 3 whole kingdoms
*It Does meet and empower the Kings of the Earth
*It does wear Purple and Scarlet
*It did suffer a Mortal wound that was later Healed
*The whole world does Follow it, or wonder after it
*It Did Call for a Central World Bank
*It does pray to Lucifer every Easter and commit other Blasphemes
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