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Message Subject FreeMasons - truth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"The outer work of Freemasonry, though uniform in its fundamental character and its general lines, varies considerably in different countries and different Masonic symbols. "Charitable"or "philanthropic" purposes are chiefly pursued by English, German, and American Masonry, while practically at least, they are neglected by Masons in the Latin countries, who are absorbed by political activity. But even in England, where relatively the largest sums are spent for charitable purposes, Masonic philanthropy does not seem to be inspired by very high ideals of generosity and disinterestedness, at least with respect to the great mass of the brethren; the principal contributions are made by a few very wealthy brethren and the rest by such as are well-to-do.

Moreover, in all countries it is almost exclusively Masons and their families that profit by Masonic charity. Masonic beneficence towards the "profane" world is little more than figurative, consisting in the propagation and application of Masonic principles by which Masons pretend to promote the welfare of mankind; and if Masons, particularly in Catholic countries, occasionally devote themselves to charitable works as ordinarily understood, their aim is to gain sympathy and thereby further their real purposes."

[link to www.newadvent.org]
 Quoting: K.Kool

"Masonry does not change human nature, and cannot make honest men out of born knaves."

"The Square inculcates Morality; the Level, Equality; and the Plumb, Rectitude of Conduct."

"In your studies as a Fellow-Craft you must be guided by REASON, LOVE and FAITH."

"He who does right is better than he who thinks right. But you must not act upon the hypothesis that all men are hypocrites, whose conduct does not square with their sentiments."

"Humility should dwell with frailty, and atone for ignorance, error and imperfection."

"It is good to enjoy the blessings of fortune; it is better to submit without a pang to their loss."

"Liberty is the summit, Equality the base."

"Pride in unsound theories is worse than ignorance."

Pike, Albert (2011-03-30). Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
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