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Message Subject Nikola Tesla, Alien?
Poster Handle Jnr
Post Content
This is from Alien Interview Page 126.
and a Is-Be is a soul/spirit.

A few officers of The Domain Expeditionary Force have
taken it upon themselves to provide technology to Earth
during their off duty time. These officers leave their
"doll" at the space station and, as an IS-BE, assume or
take over a biological body on Earth. In some cases an
officer can remain on duty while they inhabit and
control other bodies at the same time.
This is a very dangerous and adventurous undertaking.
It requires a very able IS-BE to accomplish such a
mission, and return to base successfully. One officer
who did this recently, while continuing to attend to his
official duties, was known on Earth as the electronics
inventor, Nicola Tesla.

And page 66 to 67
Since then knowledge of the basic laws of physics and electricity have revolutionized Earth
culture virtually overnight. The ability to remember
technology by many of the geniuses in the IS-BE
population of Earth was partially restored, when not so
actively suppressed as it was before 1150 AD. Sir Isaac
Newton, is one of the best examples of this. In
only a few decades he single-handedly reinvented several
major and fundamental scientific and mathematical
The men who "remembered" these sciences already knew
them before they were sent to Earth. Ordinarily, no one
would ever observe or discover as much about science and
mathematics in a single life-time, or even in a few
hundred life-times. These subjects have taken
civilizations billions and billions of years to create!
IS-BEs on Earth have only just begun to remember small
fragments of all the technologies that exist throughout
the universe. Theoretically, if the amnesia mechanisms
being used against Earth could be broken entirely, ISBEs
would regain all of their memory.
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