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Message Subject Katie Holmes Knee Vagina -OR- Reptilian Fail! You decide.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
sorry.. but for whatever twisted reason i watched this stupid TMZ clip. Knee vagina.. was just to tempting to resist.

but then.. their final conclusion and even comparing it to an image seconds before and the vagina wasn't there.. left me asking WTF!


so of course i had to share :)

[link to www.tmz.com]
 Quoting: wtf 39591180

What about a fucking wound-like make up in the set of her next movie OP???

And they say MY threads about reptilian celebrities suck...

 Quoting: Ford Prefect


did you watch the clip?

she walks out they're snapping shot after shot.. they show one from just seconds before. her knee was 100% normal.

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