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Message Subject Obama Birth credentials fraudulently and criminally fabricated! Biggest FRAUD in US History!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The evidence is all there, it's up to the people to demand answers and an official investigation. Obviously the government has been infiltrated and the regime is unwilling to prosecute themselves, why wouldn't they be..

We trusted in a system that was corrupted. Now all we can do is spread the word and try to inform the people of what is going on while they were asleep. ..wake them up. The lies are obvious if you choose to see them.

We must fight back and that's the way... maybe we can oust some of them and cog up the plans it would be at least it's a start.

...and what I want to know is why did he lie and who is he really?

Why claim earlier in life to have been born in Kenya, even his own autobiography. ..sorry, I just flat out don't believe that was an unintentional mistake.

Unless to gain somehow, like with being admitted to a school he couldn't have gotten into otherwise.. but for what and if so where was he born?

Why later change the claim of birth origin in order to run for president?

What would drive a person to do this?

..where did Obama get those scars kn his head???
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