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Message Subject Obama Birth credentials fraudulently and criminally fabricated! Biggest FRAUD in US History!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Law men and elected officials "SHOCKED" by new evidence.

"The evidence in this criminal case is overwhelming and undeniable. The only identifying document that Barack Obama has ever presented to the American public is a 100% verifiable forgery and fraudulent document. It is a criminal offense to use fraudulent documents to gain political office - much less the office of POTUS and Commander-in-Chief."


[link to ppsimmons.blogspot.ca]
 Quoting: me777


Where the FUCK have they been?

If they TRULY just haven't seen all the news on this over the past 18months...and now are experiencing that "OMG" waking moment...

Again I would have to say "Where the FUCK have you been" & "You are fired for being incompetent fucks"


Why are you mad at the very people who are now on your side? That isn't very productive.

The fact is that a lot of these folks were busy and fell for the media cover up and the media slurs of those who know the real score.

But now that they have seen the evidence explained, their jaws dropped and they want to do something about it.

It's a good thing to get more law enforcement leaders who are now on the team.
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