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Subject At first sight, the world appears to be an infinite number of ill-assorted & unrelated creatures, elements, objects & phenomena
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"At first sight, the world appears to be an infinite number of ill-assorted and unrelated creatures, elements, objects and phenomena. In fact, there is an order, there are relationships, but they cannot be grasped in their totality by the mind. No matter how you go about it, your perception of it will always be limited.
Each of my lectures treats only one element in this structure, and when you succeed through your inner work in putting all these elements together, the unity of the world will come to you as an illumination. I canít explain more than this to you. It is impossible to shed light on certain matters by means of objective argument, and even if I tried, nothing would come of it. The only solution would be to take you back to that primordial state of consciousness in which everything is clear without explanation. Otherwise, it is like trying to describe the colours of the sunrise to a blind man, or a Mozart or Beethoven mass to someone who is deaf: itís pointless! But if we restore the blind manís sight or the deaf manís hearing, explanations are no longer necessary."

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