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Message Subject OMG!! WTF ??? is it mutation,Uranium, or Alien hybrid??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How could that baby be alive? Is he still alive?

If he is still alive, what care can be done for him? I mean, all babies deserve love and care. He can't help how he looks. I am just wondering if he is in pain or what can be done?

Doctors have done wonders with face transplants. That would be an option, but they haven't attempted it on a baby yet, I don't think. Maybe when the child is older. By then they would have more improvement because many years would have passed.

Yes, I think when the child is old enough, a face transplant would help. I saw one face transplant person recently that looked pretty good. Not the best but a lot better than before. I mean you could still tell they had a face transplant and it wasn't perfect but it was better than any I had ever seen.

I am glad for people to have the ability to do this to improve the lives of others. People should be more loving but it is hard to look at someone who looks different or deformed. Having some sort of face does make it easier to relate to them and therefore, love them.
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