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Message Subject The Purge / Zombies The NWO wet dream, coming to a city near you.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Greta post OP !!

All true.

However you are right as we are all fkkked !!

The real reason is though is because it's not just TPTB that want control over others.

Both Corporates and Government have signed up millions of minions to do their dirty work for them.

These individuals KNOW FULL WELL what they are participating in and have been trained well. I refer to these group of individuals as NAZI'S.

I really do believe they were born and raised NAZI'S too and that NAZI GERMANY never ended but simply went under cover/running in the shadows so to speak.

It's my belief what we are seeing now is a continuation of NAZI GERMANY. With the added twist of having the surveillance state and Psychotronic warfare at ones finger tips.

There is simply no need to round up people any more that's what gang stalking is for.

The difference being that it's now a GLOBAL NAZI GERMANY.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41009575

Yeah, some guy wrote a book about it and you simply ran with it.
 Quoting: Children of the Atom

No, I became a gang stalking target after getting a job at a corporation.

I actually wrote a LONG reply explaining how I came by this knowledge/experience, however my internet went down when I hit POST.

I will leave my reply at this now and you can continue to misjudge me as you please.
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