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Message Subject The Purge / Zombies The NWO wet dream, coming to a city near you.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, a very good post you have here. Sadly, this information will go over the head of most people on this site. It's surreal....almost dreamlike to watch the finger pointing at the muslims and other racial divisions for the problems in the world when in fact it is clear who is at the drivers' seat of this mess and they have announced times without number their intentions.

ARE PEOPLE BLIND, DEAF OR WHAT? Sometimes, I just cant believe what I hear people on this website say and these are the ones that are supposedly awake?
I say this again that all hope might be lost for all of humanity but a very tiny few.....maybe 0.05% of us or less. The rest of these people will self destruct at the appointed time and that time is fast approaching.

However, the fast approaching societal breakdown isn't only contrived, but also an age old agenda and needed in the face of what is coming to this planet. Albert pike made mention of this....David Rockefeller spoke of a crisis situation to create the NWO and this commenced with 9/11.

Many fail to realise that above all things, there is an esoteric agenda behind all what is unfolding and is to come. Humanity don't know who they are. We didn't even create the language we speak and think in to be able to know what our masters' intentions are for us. We are no different than monkeys taught how to do a few tricks. We are kept in a box. In a matrix and our thinking cant go beyond the confines of the alphanumeric characters and indeed language itself. If people don't make an effort to know themselves, the system will tell them who they are supposed to be.

There is no stopping what is coming.....starting with 9/11, other terrorism acts and more recently this London beheading hoax. The chaos has been set in motion and its just a matter of time. The PTB will have a good show viewing the footage of their handiwork in their bunkers from their satellites in space.

Thread: The NWO Agenda, Terror Related Incidents and An Imminent Global Transformation
 Quoting: Ohwell

Well, it's not completely true it is possible to stop what is coming but it would require the 100th monkey to awake. If critical mass awakening took place, and people would put aside their petty differences for a minute the entire conspiracy could be overthrown simply by saying no.

That's pretty much the worst part of it, they're going to pit society against itself (complete), and then use one segment of society (law enforcement/mlitary) to enslave the other portion. The police and military are the lowest pigs in the bucket according to the elite, or "dumb, stupid, animals to be used as pawns" as Kissinger would say. They're fodder and will be slaughtered by the thousands as they go to war with the American people because the elite have told them they must.

The problem with the hate around here is that it's all 100% contrived and created. If we hadn't of been bombing the fuck out of the middle east for the past 60 years, the Muslims wouldn't hate us, and they'd still be riding camels in the desert. We modernized the ENTIRE middle-east, and then radicalized them. Al CIAda was MANUFACTURED by the west.

Every single time we participate in race baiting, we lose. Every single time we lose focus on those who have created the problems, we lose. Every single time we fall into the left-right paradigm, we lose. Everytime we fall into the "rich" versus the poor, we lose. Everytime we allow the rights of one group of people to be taken, we lose OUR rights and we ALL lose.
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