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Message Subject EPA begins preliminary water usage tracking - The future will be water rationing!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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If anybody is interested in making their home more green, amazon.com has some books on installing greywater systems into your home. One for the homeowner and one to hand to your builder/contractor. I'm utilizing this in my house remodel. The 'dirty' water from the wash machine (and maybe sinks and showers, not sure yet) will be piped to the greenhouse and used to water the plants. Gravity will propel it as the greenhouse will be lower than the rest of the first floor. The water barrels ini the greenhouse holding this water will be painted black to act as a heat sink to help keep greenhouse heating expenses down. (they absorb heat during the daytime and release it in the evenings).

Every little bit we can do now will be a huge help. (and I don't know that I need to, we have a well, but it's the point of conservation for everybody to conserve so that means us too).
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