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Message Subject Defiant Scouts at gay pride parade...video
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You tell em Sam. Queers have no business being involved with children, and least of all, the boy scouts.
 Quoting: reason-n-logic

When camping overnight involves a group of boys sleeping in a tent together, I think it's absurd to allow fags in...may as well let the girl scouts camp with them too for the straight boys...they can work on the pregnancy badge together...
 Quoting: BRIEF

I personally don't care for the gay, (neo)liberal commie influence on our boy scouts.

The boy scouts teach young boys to become honorable men. Eagle scouts even earn rank in the military (E-3 on enlistment). They aren't there to learn how to become flaming sissies.
 Quoting: reason-n-logic

I can only imagine, but time will tell...badges for interior cabin design, fashion uniform design, creative design of a float for the gay pride parade, etc.
 Quoting: Melrox

That's hilarious, and disgusting simultaneously.

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