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A good way is to use google earth to look at your location from above, zoom in and out, memorize, then do some deep breathing, get in to a relaxed state, with every out breath, relax a part of the body starting at the feet, by the time you get to the head you should be relaxed in to your self, now focus on the zooming in and out that you memorized of your location, this will give your location to anyone up above that might be happy to let you see them, it is something that will start slow and build as long as you don't freak out, maybe first time will be like a moving star, then slowly more frequent, more cool maneuvers, closer etc.

Took me about 3 weeks of doing that nightly always looking up, always calling, then bang they came, now they come all the time, if I call, have done with many witnesses, they never landed but have projected self down to my house a few times, came over my back garden during a gathering of friends once also after I was showing off saying I could call them, freaked a few out.
 Quoting: acuk 40917659

Those aren't aliens. They are demons.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41075633

STFU asshole.

No time for your fear virus today.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40917659

meth helps and 8 weeks without sleep
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