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For you, I wouldn't recommend it. I say this because I've seen you state that aliens were demons on other threads. If you truely believe they are demons, then you would be calling down the negative ETs to yourself.

It's not a game. You have to:

1. Have a sincere desire to meet them.
2. Loose the fear. They can sense it a mile away.
3. Know how to call down only the positive ETs.

It isn't some slumber party game of Ouiji Board, or Bloody Mary. These beings are real and not all of them are interested in your highest good.

If you really do have an interest, start with researching as much as you can. Your interest is also an invitation of sorts. The more you want to discover them, the better chance you have of meeting them. At the same time, learn about the strength of your own will and protecting your energy field from negative influences. When you finally do call for an ET, you'll have the ability to call for a positive one who has the best interests of humanity at heart. The ETs you do want to meet are very spiritual and loving. Make sure you can meet them with an open heart and mind.
 Quoting: Earth Daughter

Beautiful response! hf
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