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Have You Ever Had an Online Chat with a self=proclaiming Alien?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 39740519
United States
06/04/2013 10:46 PM
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Have You Ever Had an Online Chat with a self=proclaiming Alien?
Have You Ever Had an Online Chat with a self=proclaiming Alien?

My friend claims to have, and I totally believe her! She had the experience many years ago and shared it with me. We attempted /reported it to a yahoo news group but everyone back then just either ignored/or thought it was a joke.

I still have the dated copy of her email that we sent in to the newsgroup (it can be easily retrieved if interested) but my intent of this thread is to ask a question. Has this sort of thing ever happened to YOU ? or anyone YOU know??

If my friend were to be making it up , I honestly feel that she would have come clean by now : She has never changed her story , never admitted to pulling my leg or anything.
Also you can see her tense up, whenever I bring the subject to light, you just know by reading the body language that she still kinda gets freaked , yeah after all of these years....

Anyway, was thinking about this again tonight! She has not had any experiences since but but this guy , the self=proclaiming alien, mind you, was either psychic or whatever because he described her to a t!! (I will share her report with you if any of you are interested. ) Again, I just wish to know.. Have any of you had any type experience like this?
My friend had NO camera on her PC, she had just returned home from work and had changed clothes! but this guy/SPAlien should not have known these things about her! He told her what she was wearing! Described her appearance and everything!

The guy would answer some things, but would often respond when questioned, by saying something like, "you do not need to know this information " , (trying to recall the exact words but they were something to that effect.)

She thought was weird , that he was BS'ing , he definitely had her attention though. He said that he < those like him) were waAy more advanced than we were, that they do not access the internet like like in how WE do, they have totally different tech .. etc....that we were basically primitive..they were here to observe, etc. That, he , if walking among us, would appear to be like man/us, and look to be around 35 years of age..and more! Wish I could recall everything right now ..

For the longest, she totally thought he was BSing her, !!(she's really an intelligent lady too!) but when she scratched a bump on her face causing it to bleed, and he described things, her appearance, clothing to a T, hair up, etc!! this is when it made a believer out of her!! She truly was freaked!

Anyway, I think that pretty much somes up her experience. It's pretty accurate I guess...but
Main intent of thread!

Has it happened to anyone else!??!

PS Her experience was while inside a private chatroom on Yahoo btw. Some alien or ufo place.
So again, I am extremely curious!
Anyone else?!

Again, I believe my friend. She is not a liar..
She has had many chances to come clean with me but she has not...I know her like the back of my hand: She is not the type to allow a "joke'' go on for 20 years? (unsure of date but do have the dated email) - But after all of these years, she would have admitted to me she was joking or something , and especially tell mom the truth before her passing, I do not think she would have allowed her to go, without the TRUTH...believing a lie.

Just being up front and honest here.

Have dated email copy..Had talked her into sending her weird ''eXPERIENCE" in,into a newsgroup but it was not well received: Everyone thought it was a joke I guess...but again.. this dID happen.

She was most freaked out with her experience especially because she had NO CAMERA on her pc! etc!!!

So ...has anyone else had a weird experience like this with a self-proclaiming alien?
If so, please share!! !