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Message Subject PIN IT ---> Biblical Ezekiel Wheel Shaped UFO Photographed By NASA
Poster Handle SerenaSeesAll
Post Content
I think the point of Ezekiel's wheel was that it was a light craft, and the books say it is what god came down on. What is strange is there are a lot of references in the bible that relate to this and radiation. If it is a light body, we cannot even look at it, for if its light is reaching us in our current state, we will die instantly. So before you can see it you must be devout and loving, and that's why "God" showed it to Ezekiel because he was ready to ascend.

How many people in religion have "ascended"?

I know of Jesus, Mohammed and Ezekiel...
 Quoting: eyeDR3

The pedo theifing murdering goat fucker didnt ascend. Not possible for such scum to do so.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 816382

^^^^^^ THIS
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