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Message Subject John F. Kennedy Warned Americans - All In Plain Sight
Poster Handle Anonymous Chic
Post Content
Thank you all for your comments.

There seems to be few good men in government. The majority have corporate affiliations of some sort; as we continue to keep ourselves informed, we are finding corruption is intertwined with political and corporate affairs.

There's something I want to share with you all. I walked to my local market, which is owned by Yemenese. The cashier (from Yemen), was reading the paper regarding cable television. He was interested in an article on "free cable". After explaining to him how it works, basically, Antennas can be purchased at stores like Radio Shack and Walmart, that you can hook up to your tv and get local channels and a few mainstream. They convert analog signals to digital. He said he didn't need one because of a device he uses in his store called "ZAPP", he paid $365 for it, has no monthly bill, can get internet through it and watch over "a million" channels. I asked him how he purchased the device. He said his brother purchased it from overseas.

We spoke briefly about the protests in Turkey. Interestingly, he said that would never happen here in America, unless you take away "welfare", government assistance for the people. He explained that countries who do not have these types of progams, face revolt because the poverty level is horrible. Citizens kidnap foreigners and hold them for ransom until the victims embassy is reached and comes through with payment. He explained that this is usually done when a poor community is looking to come up with money to build schools, medical facilities, etc.

Which got me thinking that Adam Kokesh's plan to stage an armed protest may not have the end result some of his followers might think. Unless, our government were to cut off ALL assistance, then he might have a large following. If anything, our government will use this opportunity to incarcerate, or even murder, those who actually ARE willing to fight for freedom.

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