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Message Subject The Stunning Decline Of Barack Obama: 2013. Ten Key Reasons Why The Obama Presidency Is In Meltdown
Poster Handle Eggcellent
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I do wonder if impeachment is the right route or not, because will it gain dems momentum or not, for after the 2016 election, I do like the sounds of it though.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40570315

I'm not sure that people actually understand what "impeachment" does and does NOT do. Impeachment is meant to embarass/shame the Public Official (in this case, shall we call him.......Obama?) into resigning the office and going away. It has nothing to do with indictments, arraignments, perp walks, prosecution, or prison/execution. It is basically a vote of "no confidence" by the House and the Senate. Look at Nixon - he just went away, wrote his memoirs, gave speeches, and enjoyed all of the perks of a "President Emeritus".

Obama and his whole Administration could be "impeached" and not a one of them would ever see the inside of a jail cell.
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