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Message Subject The Stunning Decline Of Barack Obama: 2013. Ten Key Reasons Why The Obama Presidency Is In Meltdown
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've read this article and if Obama is seeing his popularity plummet do people think that the Republicans will win in 2016?

Whilst the 2012 US election was running, here in the UK (apart from the blatant awful bias towards Obama where the BS media tried to portray everything Romney did or said as stupid) there was an article saying that due to the demographics of the US and the changes in population, the Republicans will find it hard to ever win again.

Think the article was aimed at the fact that the 'entitlement' generation is growing, the educated masses and middle class is shrinking and they will be outvoted by those who will vote solely to keep the free stuff coming their way.

I suppose it depends who is nominated GOP and democratic challengers for the White House in a few years. God knows who the Democrats will put up but at least Obama can't run for a third time.
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