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Message Subject The Stunning Decline Of Barack Obama: 2013. Ten Key Reasons Why The Obama Presidency Is In Meltdown
Poster Handle MartianPrincess
Post Content
There is no doubt in my mind that this administration is the single most corrupt the U.S. has ever seen.

There is also no doubt in my mind that there's no way in hell Americans are going to take another 3.5 years of this shit.

Impeachment is on the horizon. Especially when the republicans retake the senate - which they will.
 Quoting: R.P. McMurphy

From your lips to G-d's ears! What scares me is that this rogue administration has become so ... brazen. Either they know they're going to go down and so they're trying to rush to implement their fucked up agenda, or they KNOW they are untouchable so they simply don't care that we know. All they have to do is deny, deny, deny.

I've read many political blogs where they flat out say he will never be impeached, let alone tried, simply because he is black. What the fuck? So we will ALLOW them to destroy everything we and those who came before us, worked so hard to build, because we are afraid to hurt black people's feelings????? THAT is what it has come down to??
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