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What do you know about MAN MADE flying saucers?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 41361483
06/08/2013 03:24 PM
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Re: What do you know about MAN MADE flying saucers?
I've got you covered, OP. I know exactly what you're looking for.
Google "Pentagon aliens" by William Lyne.

or if you wanna try here are the direct links to the book: [link to www.4shared.com]


[link to www.keepandshare.com]

This has really opened my eyes. I am no longer ignorant. All that alien BS no longer works on me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31623667

LOL You talk like that's all that exists!ALL unidentified craft that we see is ALL manmade?... BS.
Much more inteligent beings exist throughout this infinite Universe and I believe firmly they visit us and always did. But I also believe many craft that is seen is manmade too.
Tesla was a genious!But even he admitted to receive inspiration from ^above^.
 Quoting: .:.Galactica.:.

Sorry, I'm not interested in aliens or speculation

User ID: 41355161
06/08/2013 04:25 PM
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Re: What do you know about MAN MADE flying saucers?
From What I know:

Tesla had a working craft. It is no secret that Tesla experimentet with very high Voltage.

Also look for Thomas Townsend Brown but don't let you distract from the ion wind theorie .. thats not it ... even dough the ion approach can help in reducing the air resistance.

There is a patent (i believe a swiss) discussing a voltage-waveform that can be applied to a real Townsend-Capacitor, that would increase its performance manifolds.

This is all related to the Van der Waals force.

You may also be interested to read all the books of James M. McCannney.
He ties many things together.

There has also been some interesting work form Einstein, where gravity is the result of Electric Field cross by the Magnetic Field .. (both fields have to change.. and "cross" is meant in a mathematical sense not necessarily in a physical).

The nazis got hold of V. Schauberger and used his approach dropped water and used mercury instead in a torsion field manner. They had huge problems with some kind of radiation, with was deadly for humans. They finally fixed that, but I don't know how. But it is the wrong approach to try it with mercury. It is like building a plant for energy production based on Plutionium .. it is just simply wrong, when you are lookig into the details ...

however they used mercury because it is heavy .. but what they wanted was not only weight but some other properties which comes with the weight.

A better approach would be to use simply water like Schauberger and add ORMUS ..with is kind of the "essence" of water .. but you can look into that material. There are some magnetic Ormus traps .. which one can use to generate more concentrated water .. which would be sufficient do drive a craft. ORMUS are like capacitors.

Schauberger had problems in controlling his devices because the simply accelerated more and more and with in increased the anti-gravity-effect and simply vanished in the sky. He was just missing a simply regulating mechanism which can simply implemented with some computer (microcontroller) today.

So to bild a "flying saucer" is just to read some information use a little bit of mediocre intelligence to combine it in the right manner an build it.

If you you want to bild the interesting stuff (the device which can "blink out" here and "blink in" in another time, in another part of space or another (parallel) universe. Then you would have to read deeper an think a little harder.

If you have any further question .. just ask ..

and by the way .. this is all just my view of reality ...........

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Freedom is unavoidable
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35050655
United States
06/08/2013 04:38 PM
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Re: What do you know about MAN MADE flying saucers?
[link to discaircraft.greyfalcon.us]
[link to www.ufohowto.com]
[link to www.feandft.com]

Original Documentary (very poor quality)

We have the technology ...