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Message Subject Aliens Beneath New York City.
Poster Handle Elizastorm
Post Content

A lot of people in this world, are copies of people that are not here anymore. They have been cloning people all over the world for decades, probably even beyond that. Please watch the movie the 6th Day, there is also a movie call The Island {2005 American Film} , buy both movies so you can study it. It explains a lot about underground facilities and facilities on the surface cloning people. It explains how they can clones thousands of people and only those who know are the ones involved. It is highly possible those who dwell underground ground are just that, copies of missing people society stop looking for. The Reptilians live far beneath the ground. They are quit aware of the mole people. It does not take much effort for the Reptilians to conceal themselves.
 Quoting: Elizastorm

Are shilling for Project Scamalot?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40476305

Please look up all the information you possibly can on UFO ALIEN FULL DISCLOSURE by Canadian Prime Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, May 2013. It is starting the age of Alien Global Awareness is beginning.
 Quoting: Elizastorm

Oh I see. You're shilling for exopolitics.

You've taken the Luciferian bait lock stock and barrel.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40476305

You'll understand later.
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