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Message Subject Aliens Beneath New York City.
Poster Handle Elizastorm
Post Content
Do the aliens think that things on Earth are going to get better? People die from starvation every day, poverty everywhere, corrupt governments, etc. What are the aliens roles in this? Are they just watching or are the involved?
 Quoting: Cui

Don't worry continue to have faith. Yes all Aliens have a reason and purpose for good and bad, but they are never unreasonable. I know things look real bad on earth right now. Although miracles are happening as we speak. Not everyone who dies go to hell and the ones who cross over to paradise, if they could come back. They would have beautiful news to tell all of us. The way the Aliens have to do things here are very complicated I know that, but even in all the terrible things I have been through. I know for sure in all this caos and confusion on earth. The Aliens brought all of us a beautiful and powerful back up plan, to insure this earth's survival. APOPHIS is earth back up plan. APOPHIS is earth's survival and he is here in human form with all of us. Walking and talking just like us on earth. He is the great peace keeper of earth. He is earth's law. The Law of One that all Creations in the universe abide by. Elizastorm
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