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Message Subject Aliens Beneath New York City.
Poster Handle KingofThorns
Post Content
You are 100 percent correct Eliza.

I've been researching this for about a year or so and you would not believe how much evidence of this hiding in plain sight there is!

The troubling part is whether or not i should seek them out or not.

currently i'm searching for a map of the tunnels that run underneath my city that was used by a miner back in the gold rush days, according to legend the guy found a cave that went deep beneath the earth that was filled with gold ,great lakes and horrifying creatures, he was so terrifed of them that one day he blew the cave's entrance shut in fear of them.

One thing i can't figure out though is what is the end game?

what exactly is the truth here?

what really happened 12 thousand years ago?
 Quoting: KingofThorns

Be careful the aliens know what you are going to do before you do it. Stay out of the tunnels and caves. If you meet eye contact with them, they may not let you go back to the surface. They are extremely powerful Gods. Many men have met eye to eye with them and are not alive to tell the tale of the horrifying things they witness underground. It is o.k. to do as much research as you can, but be cautious always. No man is stronger or more powerful then a God. The Aliens are Gods and these particular Aliens chose to live beneath the ground for a reason. You have to be cautious and respect their territory. I fill the reason for their great presence underground remains an extraordinary and divine universal mystery.
 Quoting: Elizastorm

But Eliza ,how else will one like myself come into contact with one's from the other realms?
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