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Message Subject Aliens Beneath New York City.
Poster Handle Elizastorm
Post Content
The Aliens live all through out this planet. Land, Sea, and Air. They dwell here on earth, because this is their Alien Ship, they built it. They also built all the other Alien Ships, that people call planets in the solar system. The Sun is also an Alien Ship. No when can get close to the Sun, but if anyone was allow to they would see in the center of the Sun, is where the Gods live. This was told to me by APOPHIS. All of what I am saying to all of you is true. Getting to my title of my thread. There are Aliens that live deep underground, the ones I am particular familiar with are the Black Reptilians. Unfortunately these particular Aliens prefer the taste of people. They live miles and miles beneath sub-surfaces, like the subway systems. Some government officials know of there existence. They have been supplying these particular aliens with a food supply of humans. Anyone that has been deemed a waste of energy or not worthy of life. Is given to them for consumption. Secret Satanic Societies, don't even know what is beneath, their feet when they are committing ritual killings underground. There is something far worst then them killing and eating humans underground. They have huge human cloning facilities underground in the United States every where on earth. They can give humans to the BLACK REPTILIANS or any of the other Aliens Races, by the thousands, clone all of them. Send them back to the surface and you will never know they were missing. New York City is a huge gateway, there are swarms of them beneath the subway systems. There are more of them then people in the city. This information was given to me by APOPHIS. I believe it is important no matter what to try your best to be good to yourself and others. They only eat what can't be saved.
 Quoting: Elizastorm

Aliens beneath New York want one old man right now. The old man who has claimed himself to be the Anti-Christ. Aliens underground, all over everywhere everything underground calling for this man, they want him every part of him. Who does he think he is? To believe he can exactly escape this.
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