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Message Subject Flashback to 2007: Obama’s Speech on Warrantless Wiretapping
Poster Handle Whole lee shit
Post Content
Unfortunately he isn't lying. The catch is though the Obama administration had completely destroyed the constitution since hes been in office and has made all of this wiretapping 100% legal under the guise of helping law enforcement find terrorists. I don't know about you but i see them arrest innocent people accused of terrorism like the ricen letter guy about a month back. They couldn't find a terrorist if they tried. NSA and DHS are completely useless. We are using these 2 agencies to spy on reporters and citizens? Are you fucking kidding me. When have you ever seen a reporter commit a terrorist act? FUCK NO. This administration has got to go now. If they dont get the boot soon they will continue with this agenda and fuck every single one of us and it will be late for us to do anything about it.
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