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Message Subject Flashback to 2007: Obama’s Speech on Warrantless Wiretapping
Poster Handle Elsabiades....
Post Content
All of these searches violate the constitution. The USA ANTI-PATRIOT ACT allows warrants without the necessity of seeking a FISA court order. Yet, some 6 years later; people begin to bemoan and wail at the Act because another political party occupies the office of the executive. I did not hear a whimper when the Bush Administration passed these unconstitutional measures. Forget your petty political leanings and become a member of the American TEAM. Because the jewish interests in Washington have divided us into two political subdivisions; the politicians know that at any given moment they can pass some draconian measure and at least count upon 50% of the populace to agree with the measure JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO AGREE WITH THE TEAM !! Until such time as the people finally understand that the criminals of both political parties are working toward the SAME GOAL; WORKING IN UNION: WE WILL NEVER RETURN TO OUR FORMER STATE. By siding with one political party; we have failed our predicessors and our furture generations.
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