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Message Subject Pelosi: I donít recall ever having said that everybody would have a lower premium under ObamaCareÖ
Poster Handle Phennommennonn
Post Content
"I donít remember saying that everybody in the country would have a lower premium, because everybody in the country doesnít have health insurance, so how could it be lower. But the fact is, the value of what you get for the cost that you pay is a reduction is a reduction in cost to you. And if you donít have insurance, youíre going to pay something that you didnít pay before, but if you canít afford it, you can have a subsidyÖ For everybody, it is going to be, again, a liberation, a freedomÖ"

[link to hotair.com]

LOL, I don't hate democraps nearly as much as I hate those who support them and vote them into office....

Hey democraps, your democrap party don't think you are stupid they know you are....
 Quoting: davvi

pelosis a libc*nt phony.....whats she think this is that episode of 3s company wheres theres some misunderstanding??? she can take a long walk off a short pier into lake NOT. she couldnt be more in the POTUS front pocket anymore deeply if she was hand adjusting his junk.............oh by the way nancy.....actor marty feldman called he wants his bugged-eyes back.
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