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Message Subject Pelosi: I don’t recall ever having said that everybody would have a lower premium under ObamaCare…
Poster Handle Chrit
Post Content
Flipping liar she is.

My insurance already doubled in the last 15 months and will go up another 1/3 in the next 8 months to over $6000 a year for a small family with a $15,000 deductible per person and no preconditions. My eye are not covered so that does not matter to my plan.

March 6th 2013.

Snip; A report released yesterday by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce reveals the devastating reality many Americans will face when Obamacare is in full force next year. While the majority of Americans will likely see their healthcare premiums increase, no one will swallow the cost burden more than young Americans.

Previous studies have reported that youth healthcare premiums could increase as much as 45 percent, but the the House Committee report concluded that young Americans could see an increase as much as 203 percent.

"Recent college graduates with entry-level jobs who are struggling to pay off student loan debt could see their premiums increase on average between 145 and 189 percent,” the report said. “Some studies estimate young adults could experience premium increases as high as 203 percent. Any increase, let alone tripling current costs, could break the bank for young adults who have just started out on their own."

The current average payment for health care premiums among young Americans is $648, but will increase to $1,872 under the Obamacare legislation.

[link to www.breitbart.com]
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