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Ancient Dictatorial Obama look-a-like chased out of Egypt.

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United States
06/07/2013 11:07 PM
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Ancient Dictatorial Obama look-a-like chased out of Egypt.
"In the endless procession of Egypt’s pharaonic masters, Akhenaten stands alone. He looks different: his often freakish appearance in art - elongated and effete - is totally at odds with that of the traditional Egyptian ruler-hero. And he appears to have acted differently also - most famously by his abandonment of Egypt’s traditional pantheon in favour of a single god ... Because of his religious reforms, Akhenaten has for long struck a chord in today’s predominantly monotheistic world; and the fact that pharaoh’s revolution ultimately failed has seemed only to confirm his role as an early revealer of religious truth - a power for good. Such a spin, promoted almost a century ago ... is certainly wrong, and now beginning to give way to darker visions. As prophets go, it seems clear that Akhenaten was a false one, and working very much in his own political interest."

[link to www.nicholasreeves.com]