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Message Subject Oh God, Oh God, why did I ever vote for that bum Obama ???
Poster Handle moses787
Post Content
OK, all you people that told me I was an idiot to vote for Obama, WELL YOU WERE RIGHT !!!

I am sorry, I'll never doubt you again.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41317450

Well its too late; your idiotocracy will doom us all. And only the Great and the Almighty God from heaven can deliver us from these Satanist and monsters hands!!
 Quoting: moses787

And besides, President Obama belongs to Satan!! And his puppet masters are Satanist and Luciferians too!! And they own Obama and they also own you!! Its just that you don't know it yet!! But if you come all the way to Jesus; you will know the truth and be set free from their deceptions and lies and Satanic powers that will doom your eternal soul into their hell!!
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