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Subject the last census puerto ricans fuel white growth........ minorities 60 to whites 40 in second grade class room across america you know what ......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this means white supremacy will rear its ugly head .
simple math . the closing of schools guess where? the building of prisons guess where ? library closing teacher lay offs guess where? pat buchannans the tptb herd your cries yes I said herd instead of heard your cries of genetic annilation. and he is right !!!
you have people list all kinds of crimes on glp about blacks blacks with the lower IQs etc all demonizing to say the least the fear is coming its is already here.
in the white Europeans greed to control natural resources
you will lose every thing one damn fact of life nothing stays the same. things change and things fall apart.
tptb will make the mistake and use the nuc option and guess what? your have it all or nothing attitude is the doom of your fledgling race that's no older than 10k yrs old out of the caves Europe.
so go on wake the sleeping giant (the negro) it will be the last mistake you make.

your damn tech will not save your kind. mother nature is stronger.
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