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Subject Colorado secede? Counties weigh exit plan to form state of 'North Colorado'
Poster Handle Doomer1981
Post Content
Its an uphill climb that looks Rocky Mountain high, but a collection of independent-thinking counties may mount an effort to secede from the rest of Colorado and form their own new state.

The idea is rooted in the political rift that many Coloradans especially rural ones feel with a Denver-based state legislature that has taken a liberal turn in recent years.

A new state, if it formed, might be called North Colorado.

Would that mean that the rest of the current state would need to become South Colorado? How would the US flag look with 51 stars? Would this give similar ideas to politically restive sections of other states?

It may be too early to ask such questions. The road to forming a new state is a difficult one.

[link to news.yahoo.com]
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