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I Can Do Anything I Want, And Nobody Can Touch Me.

R.P. McMurphy
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06/08/2013 07:01 PM

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I Can Do Anything I Want, And Nobody Can Touch Me.
Who is Steven Grimaud? Steven is a Senior Executive Officer at the NSA. Hes one of those faceless individuals who monitors your phone records and email at the NSA, but nobody is supposed to know his name. Ill be happy to tell you who he is. Hes my ex-husband. We were married when he was a Russian translator for the Navy Security Agency.

He was always on report, and finally busted in rank and discharged with a slap on the hand. I told him if you ever get involved with the military again, Im getting a divorce. He would get drunk and then brag about all the classified information that he knew. I saw him a big risk to national security, and I didnt want to be involved.

But he had friends in the former KGB who offered to set him up with a job in Washington DC.

I remember when he described his job offer. He said: I can do anything I want, and nobody can touch me. And, I can make a lot of money in Washington DC.


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