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Message Subject UFOs over Vancouver, March 29 2013
Poster Handle Face Palmer
Post Content
not so low i would say
the conditioning is at its highest (when you look over all those years back)
we are being prepared unconsciously (even our kids know the basics)
thats it
do not loose hope

 Quoting: Funney

We only differ 5% from monkeys DNA wise. Monkey appear stupid to us (more or less) and can't be talked to. If the aliens differ 5% from us DNA wise, chances are high they think of us as monkeys that can't be talked to. You ufo tards need to get your fucking facts right. Not only are you look stupid posting blurry lights all day. You are also in denial of FACTS.
 Quoting: Face Palmer

lol your views are useless for us (who met it for real)
different brains we got, different experiences we have
still its nice reading you
i can communicate with animals, you not ?

 Quoting: Funney

I feel sorry for your anal probing.
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