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Do You Suffer From Post Traumatic Freemason Syndrome?

Greg Szymanski
User ID: 85144
United States
04/24/2006 03:34 PM
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Do You Suffer From Post Traumatic Freemason Syndrome?
Do You Suffer From Post
Traumatic Freemason Syndrome?

If You Do, Don't Read Any Further As You Will Only Get Worse!
Why do all Masonic Lodges look like Count Dracula's castle?
And those pictures and symbols on the wall! My God!

By Greg Szymanski

When publishing a small newspaper more than a decade ago, I was invited into a Masonic Lodge.

Upon entering what looked like a replica of Count Dracula's castle, it immediately gave me the creeps, giving me this distinct feeling like something ain't right here

I'm not one who likes to go to art galleries, so I didn't pay much attention to the creepy pictures and symbols on the wall. And as far as the people, they all looked like boring, close-minded White guys, giving me the impression if I said anything remotely intelligent, they'd never speak to me again even in the grocery store.

So I said hello and goodbye, high-tailing it back to my newspaper office after telling them I couldn't join since I was Catholic and could be excommunicated under Canon Law 2335.

And as I sat at my rather modest publisher's desk, dreaming of taking over the entire world's communication network, I thought if the top Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals in the Catholic Church could be involved in devil worshipping Freemasonry, why not I?

I remembered the story of how 125 prelates in 1976 were exposed as being a part of the Luciferian Freemason sect in an article appearing in Rome in a magazine called the Borghese. The article rocked St Peter's statue right off the Vatican roof, but nothing ever came of the allegations, as the priests were let off the hook.

A couple years later Pope John Paul I was going to make a big deal over the Masonic issue, but he was immediately poisoned by the Vatican's assassination unit, most likely killed on the orders of some creepy Jesuits hiding underneath some Church pews.

Of course, that can't be verified, but as they say "sue me" or may I be struck by lightening for not obeying the Black Pope's orders to never say anything bad about his beloved thieving, robbing and murdering Jesuits.

Now, for the record, I am only saying that because that's what the history books claim they did in the old days when the Pope used them as the military arm of the Vatican to kill those who opposed the power of the Church.

But, as for today, who knows what they do, as they keep a very low profile and never really answer any questions about their real power in the Vatican and around the world.

So, here I am back at my office, thinking if I join the Freemasons, I'll become a devil worshipper since I am very impressionable and if I stay a Catholic, I'll probably be killed one day by the Jesuits because, as a journalist, I am very nosy and prone to looking under every rock were all the bones are buried.

As I was obviously now behind the preverbal rock and a hard place, I decided to forget about joining any groups, as it is much more fun to go crazy talking to oneself than going crazy with a bunch of other lunatics.

So as crazy as it sounds and as financially devastating as it might be, I still can't get the Jesuits or the Freemasons off my mind. They are stuck to my writing pen like a bad dream. I am even thinking of naming my next dog after the Black Pope and if I get a fourth dog, I'll name that one after the leader of the Freemasons.

But who is the leader of the Freemasons? Is there one? Is there two? And if there's none, I'll just name the fourth dog Lucy or Luke after 'you know who' real leader.

As everyone can tell by now, this obsession can be maddening. In fact, last week was no different, as Freemasons and Jesuits were falling off trees and coming out of the woodwork. I was compelled by forces unknown to write another story, listing the Bishops and Cardinals in the 1976 Borghese article who were members of the Luciferian worshipping Freemasons.

The article appeared all over the place, including www.rense.com , a very popular web site. The article then immediately brought out another Mason from the Apollo Lodge, who ripped me a new 'you know what' for having the audacity to ever suggest that the devil's in the details when it comes to the good boys at the Lodge.

For rest of story and more informative articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com

[link to rense.com]